One of the birthday presents this year from hubby was a one-month intro class to crossfit.

We are past the stage where workouts as presents are considered an insult and now thank each other for such enouragement as we realise we are old(er) and do need a bit of work to look our best.

I have been eager to try crossfit for ages but haven’t really dared to. Now with the voucher from the hubby I have to do it. Oh and the fact that the muffin top is hard to ignore makes it a must-do too.

A bonus is that one of my sisters-in-law will be joining me. Good to know I have someone that carry me to car after a workout. She thinks I’m joking but I am sooo going to demand a piggy-back ride to the car.

I am really looking forward to this and I hope this can get me into shape. The post-baby look is not OK after four years.

To my joy (ironic) I have realised the trainers are lean mean good looking muscle machines (and I’m talking about both the male and female instructors). Oh dear Lord is all I can say at this moment.

CrossfitPicture from

Trust me, I will be crying my heart out here on the blog.



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