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Crossfit – that which does not kill you will make you stronger

One of the birthday presents this year from hubby was a one-month intro class to crossfit.

We are past the stage where workouts as presents are considered an insult and now thank each other for such enouragement as we realise we are old(er) and do need a bit of work to look our best.

I have been eager to try crossfit for ages but haven’t really dared to. Now with the voucher from the hubby I have to do it. Oh and the fact that the muffin top is hard to ignore makes it a must-do too.

A bonus is that one of my sisters-in-law will be joining me. Good to know I have someone that carry me to car after a workout. She thinks I’m joking but I am sooo going to demand a piggy-back ride to the car.

I am really looking forward to this and I hope this can get me into shape. The post-baby look is not OK after four years.

To my joy (ironic) I have realised the trainers are lean mean good looking muscle machines (and I’m talking about both the male and female instructors). Oh dear Lord is all I can say at this moment.

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Trust me, I will be crying my heart out here on the blog.



Snabbt träningspass på morgonen/ Quick workout in the morning

God morgon!

Redan torsdag idag, veckan har bara svischat förbi.

Jag hinner aldrig till gymmet nuförtiden, så jag försöker träna hemma en del. Antingen morgon eller kväll. I somras var jag jätteduktig ock körde ett pass varje morgon.

Här är ett pass jag ska köra idag. Lättast är ju om man har en motionscykel eller ett löpband hemma så att man kan köra konditionen hemma. Annars får man ta en promenad först, vilket ju inte är helt fel. Har man ingen maskin och kanske är hemma själv med småbarn så kan man springa upp och ner i trappen à la Rocky (om man bor i ett hus eller lägenhet med flera plan).

En halvtimmes träning går rätt snabbt och en dusch senare är man pigg och redo att ta sig an världen.

Lycka till och ha en bra dag!

Kram Christine

Thursday excercise

Good morning! Wow this week has just run passed. It’s nearly the weekend!

I never make it to the gym these days, so I try to excercise at home instead. During the summer I was very good at this and did a 30-minute workout every morning. That was then but I am planning to get back to that good morning routine. 

Here’s a workout I will do today. The cardio is easiest done on the treadmill or a stationary bicycle, but a brisk walk outside would be perfect. If you don’t have any excercise machines at home and can’t leave the home then running  up and down the stairs Rocky-style works too (if you have a house or flat with two floors that is).

A 30-minute workout is quickly done and after a shower you will be awake and ready for the day. 

Good luck and have a nice day!

Love Christine

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