Good morning!
I just got up, well 30 minutes ago anyway. I first woke up at 9 o’clock but
the rain had been pouring down all morning and it was such a soothing sound that I fell asleep again.
I love to have one of these lazy days every now and then.

But I am up now and the coffee is brewing. And for the rest of the day I will be active and efficient. I’m not really a coffee person if you remember, I’m a lady who likes tea, but after the iced coffee I did last weekend (was it really just a week ago? The difference in weather makes it feel like months ago) has given me a taste for more.

Yesterday I bought some of the last Swedish strawberries for the year. Today I will bake something using then which I have been wanting to try all summer long.
I also have some fresh peaches I need to take care of. I’m thinking pie.

And then there’s some paperwork to be done, and laundry.
Well I better get started!

Have a nice day/ Love Ch