I might have been grumpy and felt like doing nothing earlier today, and we didn’t do much today, but we did have a nice day in the end and the sun even came out to play.

When it comes to flowers in the garden there’s not much to look at, apart from the big peonies in a sort of crimson colour. I love them but they are almost overblown (it really doesn’t feel like the right word but hey, who am I to argue with dictionaries?).

So other than the potted summer plants we are now left with the weeds. But sometimes they can be as beautiful as any other flowers.

Mini-me loves picking flowers and during the summer there are numerous bouquets of bluebells on the kitchen counter. But I really don’t mind her picking them since they are not planted by man but have merely decided to grow in our garden and there’s plenty of them. And they are so gorgeous too. Looks like paper flowers when looking closely.

Bluebells copyright