I have a busy schedule and I am good at keeping it that way. The days when I relax, don’t do much and mostly chill out at home watching a film and eating ice cream are few. As for most of us with jobs, families and other things to take care of. Few have the luxury to do whatever they want, and to do only the things they like.

I do eat ice cream while watching a film, as there is evidence of here on the blog. But it’s like I always feel I should do something else first. There are many should do, have to and must. Want to is at the back. But for me it’s nice to have the blog and my hobbbies. Because they are my want to do’s. But even they can become a must. It’s a thin line which is easily crossed over if I for example check the statistics for the blog and see a decline in readers. I used to focus more on the number of readers per day, week and month but I am less concerned with that now. Which is a good feeling.

A friend of mine recently had to undergo surgery. It was unexpected and as always, it is at times like this that I realise what is important.

We all need to listen to our bodies and make time for ourselves.
There’s a saying that an empty cup can’t fill another. You get point right?
And it’s so true. If we always give there will be nothing left. We have to get something back too. And we all have our different ways to fuel up again.

Take care of your self first, and then you can take care of others.
Make sure there’s an empty line in your calendar every day, for you.

Love Ch